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About Me~

Danny's girl | KAY | 21 | Music Obsessed

:bulletblue: For those who don't know me, my name is Kayla but I also go by Dylan. If you don't feel comfortable with either, feel free to call me Namey, Bonifate, or any variation of the two. Or come up with your own! I'm not picky haha
:bulletblue: I adore my friends, and I'm always up for making new ones. So don't be afraid to pop by and chat with me! (Be warned, I am horribly immature online as it's my escape from work and school and everybody deserves a break)
:bulletblue: I draw canines and vulpines, and I love to draw pixel pieces. I'm slowly improving, so don't be afraid to give me a chance!
:bulletblue: I work part time at a JoAnn's store, and help my mother out with fostering cats and kittens for our local shelter. So I'm on sporadically and at the most absurd times.
:bulletblue: Some of my favourite bands/musicians are: Dierks Bently, Bastille, Notorious B.I.G., Panic! At the Disco, Skrillex, Excision, Blake Shelton (There are TONS more but yeah there's a taste of my iTunes)
:bulletblue: I'm a SAI and Wacom user for everything digital! Playstation for gaming, Android for mobile, iPod for music.
:bulletblue: My sports team is the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins and has been since I was a wee thing (I believe my first game watched was when I was maybe ten?)
:bulletblue: I do have a Skype, and I love talking to people. Feel free to ask for my username and we can IM about anything from art to Walruses with mustaches! DaniMutt

If you want to know anything else about me, feel free to ask! Or, just take a look around my gallery and my journals. :) I like to be as open as possible with my watchers! :heart:


Tuck's Space

Umm.. OKay so where do i start..First off. Im awesome. I mean, i dont mean to brag but you can see it radiating xD
Anyways. Momma, weve had our ups..and downs. Boy have we had those downs. But look at us still super close and planning to see eachother in person soon, to each nachoes and coffee, watch all those dumb films, draw, and laugh. all that stuff you named off. And i cant wait.
I dont know when exactly we met, i want to say maybe a year ago now? Maybe a little less than that, but god have we come far.
I love you momma! And no amount of anything can make that change, got it?
Sure we have the spats and sometimes we dont talk, but we always come back.

Ill always be here if you need me. No matter what, skype, text, call whatever you need ill answer! After all i am your son! I gotta take care of my momma.<3doesntmattewhatshere

Well always be family, no matter what. I really mean it when i say im going to stay by your side, you mean alot to me, youre one of the only friends i have left in this god for saken world, and i really dont want to loose that. Youre always there, with your silly remarks and goofy talks and everytime im upset youre there, ive gone through alot of shit this past year, and you and Tabs were the only ones i could count on, and i plan to be the same for you.
Im going to stop for now, becuase im short with words write now and this is prolly really lame and stuff.


What did you say?!

Stupid shit that's been said and needs to be remembered

:bulletblue: On a scale from "Yo my ngga there goes laqueesha" to " dam dat b one wite bich" how ghetto were they
:bulletblue: I'd rather be a cannibal than have a dead body in my bathtub
:bulletwhite: MY DICK IS POINTLESS



commission account

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 7:03 AM

This will stay my commission account, and my personal account will stay under wraps. For those who've noted me and I haven't responded to yet, don't worry. Once I get some time to sit and check messages I'll be informing you where you can find me!

I'll most definitely be on tomorrow after work (around 3-4 PM) and I might try and find a place to have a livestream! If not tomorrow, then later this week for sure. Maybe Thursday?

Anyways, thanks for the support. :heart: 

Art and codes Bonifate

Art Status

What I owe:
Will update once last batch is done.

What I'm owed:
*If there is a strike through a name, then the art is finished, but unpaid for.
:bulletblue: = WIP
:bulletgreen: = Finished
:bulletred: = On hold


Beautiful People

I'm a mound of sleeps by Crossybutt Crossybutt
My wonderful friends!
These guys up there are the rocks in my life. Without them, I'd be lost and broken. Each one has helped me through so much, and I love them dearly. No matter what I say, how many drawings I try to do to voice my appreciation... It will never be enough. If I didn't have these guys and gals, I wouldn't be who I am today. If you, for some reason, look up to me in any way, go thank these guys. I'd never be who I am without them.


Honored to be watched by!

Point commissions open soon? 

2 deviants said STICKERS (because f you i love them)
1 deviant said They'll be lower priced again XD
1 deviant said Icons and static journal dolls
No deviants said what else should i offer?


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